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We are family, we are disciples, we care for the last, the lost, and the least.
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December 2014

We are family, we are disciples, we care for the last, the lost and the least


God of glory and grace,

we worship you joyfully.

You call the Church to be your light

in the darkness of the world,

a sign of hope for the age to come.

By your Holy Spirit help us

to tell the Good News of Christ to others,

to welcome those who will believe,

to reach out to all who are hurting,

and to work for your Kingdom to come

on earth, as in heaven;

through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.



December 2014

 1  St Andrew, Apostle and Martyr
Office Committee:
Bishop Justin, David McLay, Dave Pullar and Roger Wigglesworth

 2 Tinui: Steve Thomson (Jenne)
Diocesan Overseas Mission Group: Bishop Justin, Rosemary Biss, Mary Escourt, Glenys Hansen, Isaac Henderson, David Kendall, Eric Palmer, Wendy Scott and Kirsten Tetley-Jones

 3 Diocesan Leadership Team Meeting Today: Bishop Justin, Gareth Bezett, Nigel Dixon, Sue Fordyce, Stephen King, Rob Moonlight, Henry Resink, Julie Rokotakala, Wendy Scott, Gendy Thomson and Digby Wilkinson
Board of Nomination Meeting Today: Bishop Justin, Peter Benge, Sue Fordyce, Kay Webster and Roger Wigglesworth

 4 Titahi Bay: Casey Lee, Carmen Yeoh and Brenda Stade (Ivan)
Stars Programme Retreat Participants to 5 December 

 5 Wellington City Mission Collectors and Staff on the Day of their Street Day Appeal
Audit Committee Meeting Participants

 6 Trentham: David Pask (Goldie), Alister Hendery (Deborah Broome), Dave Smart (Joy) and Kelvin Strong (Beth)
Cursillo Wellington Secretariat Meeting Participants

 7 Upper Hutt: John Boniface (Suzanne) and Christina Woodbridge (Bill)
Professional Development Committee: Jenny Chalmers, Denise Church and Lyall Perris
 8 Urban Vision Mission Unit: Mark Barnard (Bridget)
Professional Standards Committee: Elizabeth Beatson, Lorraine and Merv Jones, Keith Levy, Kath Maclean and Don McIlroy

 9 Management Committee Meeting Today: Bishop Justin, Gareth Bezett, May Croft, Robin Falconer, Stuart Goodin, Mike Henderson, Nikki Jacobsen-Gratton, David McLay, Dave Pullar, Jennie Sim, Karen Stewart and John Wilson
Riverslea Board: Alison Camplin, Tim Duxfield, Hamish Campbell, Tessa Reardon and Michelle von Keisenberg

 10 All Peoples of the World on Human Rights Day
Investment Committee Meeting Participants

 11 Wadestown: Kay Webster (Chris)
Social Service and Community Development Board: Bishop Justin, Jonathan Boyes, Theresa Campbell, Mike Deacon, Graham Edridge, Janice Lyon, Graeme Munford, Peter Phipps and Debbie Priston

 12 Waikanae: Tim Bustin (Kaye ), Darryl Gardiner (Susan ) and Tim Mapplebeck (Lynda)
Getting Dirty for God Camp Participants to 14 December

 13 Wainuiomata: Rosalind Sims (Alex), Karl Dickson (Mel) and Yvonne Smyth (Ian)
Victoria University Chaplaincy Committee: Bishop Justin, Cassandra Burton-Wood, Benjamin de Geest, Chris Casey, Andy Eldred, Mark Johnson, Kate Schick and Adele Taylor

 14 Waiwhetu: Colin Datchler (Rebecca), Stephen Black (Mel) and Janet Tait (John)
Wairarapa Families Anglican Trust Board: Bishop Justin, Mark Bromley, Richard Clatworthy, May Croft, Graham Edridge, Lorraine Jones, Dinah Keats, Chris Pinfield, Lisa Rossiter, Hariata Tahana and Tracey Towns

 15 Wanganui – Christ Church: Stuart Goodin (Christine), Rosemary Anderson (Allan) and Sue Little (Roger)
Wellington City Mission Trust Board: Bishop Justin, Joy Baird, Marie Cheape, Darryl Gardiner, Jon Hartley, John McKinnon, Jeremy Neeve, Gary Wilson and Michael Wood

 16 Wellington – St Mark's: Ian Cook (Ruth)
Wellington Institute of Theology: Bishop Justin, Sarah Beattie, Deborah Broome, John Boniface, Jenny Chalmers, Maurice Dagger, Barbara Lash, John McCaul, Paul McIntosh, Lyall Perris, Darryl Ward and Jenny Wilkens

 17 Wellington – St Peter's on Willis: Brian Dawson (Kirsten) and Ron Atkins (Susan)
Young Persons Office Oversight Group: Alison Camplin, Tim Duxfield, Hamish Campbell, Chris Casey, Tessa Reardon, Gendy Thomson and Michelle von Keisenberg

 18 Wellington South: Mark Barnard (Bridget) and Richard Noble
Bishop Hadfield Memorial Trusts Board of Governors: Bishop Justin, Don Rangi, Wendy Scott and Bishop Muru Walters

 19 Whitby: Tim Morris (Jo), Felicity O'Brien (Kevin) and the Parish during the Interregnum
Bishopric Endowment Trust Board: Bishop Justin, Carolyn Cordery, Graeme Kirkcaldie, Athol Mann, Elizabeth Smaal and Francis Small

 20 Clergy with Permission to Officiate: Terry Alve, John Anderson, William Anderson, Peter Appleby, Gerald Auton, Humphrey Babbage, David Bähler, Margaret Barber, Anne Bennett, Monty Black, Susan Blaikie, Barbara and John Bonifant, Audrey Bosselman, Ian Bourne, Jonathan Boyes, Des Britten, Graeme Brown.

 21 St Thomas, Apostle and Martyr
Bicentennial Commemorations at Rangihoua Park, Bay of Islands

 22 Clergy with Permission to Officiate: Michael Brown, Willie Brown and Julia BuddJenny Campbell, Theo Carpenter, Les Church, David Cole, Mike Cowan, Stafford Cull, Ted Dashfield, Geneth Davies, Hector Davis, Ross Downes, Douglas Edmiston, Keith Edwards, Christine Ellis, Erice Fairbrother and Bernard Faull.

 23 Clergy with Permission to Officiate/Minister: Tony Gardiner, Richard Garner, Marion Garrett, Nola Garrod, Philip Gibbs, Valda Hancox, Neil Hansen,  Judy Hardie, Jonathan Hartfield, Gradon Harvey, Mike Hawke, Lois Hills, Heather Hirschberg, Michael Holland, Amy Houben, Dorothy and Keir Howard, Neville Hurd and Dawn Illston

 24 Christmas Eve, Vigil of Christmas

 25 Christmas Day
200th Anniversary Service of Reverend Samuel Marsden's first Christian Service and Sermon in Aotearoa New Zealand

 26 St Stephen, the First Christian Martyr
Trinity College of Wellington Trust Board:
Jonathan Boston, Tim McKenzie and Ellie Sanderson

 27 St John the Evangelist
Derek Keatley and Tanya Macdonald

 28 Holy Innocents
Hutt Hospital Chaplaincy:
Tale Hakeagaiki and Rey Enriquez

 29 Clergy with Permission to Officiate/Minister: Penny Jamieson, David Jones, Michael Jones, Eric Kearse, Heather Keith, Karen Kemp, Robert Kereopa, Pat Lambert, Loong Gon, Janice Lyon, Joy MacCormick, Ian McKie, Robert McLay, Ian McLellan, John Malcolm, Cecil Marshall, Betsan Martin and Pamela Mildenhall

 30 Clergy with Permission to Officiate/Minister: , Robert Mills, Shelley Mills, Tim Morris, Griffith Moses, Pat Muxlow, Pat Olds, Kathy Orr-Nimmo, Graham Ovenden, Don Parker, Raymond Pelly, Lyall and Sally Perris, Alison Pitts, Junko Preston, Penny Rabone, Richard Randerson, John Read, Michael Russell and Bob Sanders

 31 Clergy with Permission to Officiate/Minister: John Shallard, Graham Silkstone, Dalice Sim, Richard Simpson, Maggie Smith, Nancy Starr, Peter Stuart, Judith Tamblyn, Kevin Tarry, John Terris, Christopher Tims, Ross Wards, Janet Warren, Doug Weaver, Graeme Webb, Rosemary Wright and Ray Young

We are family, we are disciples, we care for the lost, the least and the last

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No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!