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Pandemic Protocols - Diocese

The Anglican Diocese of Wellington has developed Pandemic Protocols for the Diocese.   (Updated 2016)


Communication and Administration:

The central point for communication and administration at a Diocesan level will be The Anglican Centre, 18 Eccleston Hill, Thorndon, Wellington.

The Diocesan website will be the primary point of communication across the Diocese. Information input will be by telephone and/or to an email to a specific address e.g.,

The webmaster is to be responsible for ensuring adequate HR backup provisions are in place until such time as the website can be maintained by staff at or through the Anglican Centre. The website will be updated daily. The website must have the capacity/ability to be updated daily with prayers / devotions.

The Diocesan Telephone System must be capable of being diverted off site.

Administration support will be provided by:

• Nick Young, followed by
• Karen Stewart
• Rob Moonlight, followed by
• Gendy Thomson

The Very Reverend Digby Wilkinson, as 'nearest neighbour' is to be given access codes, etc., to the Anglican Centre to provide an on the spot substitute if others cannot access the building.

The Bishop of Wellington, The Right Reverend Justin Duckworth is the primary point of contact, Shepherd and Spiritual Leader for the Diocese, and his role will be primarily pastoral.

The Vicar General is Archdeacon Julie Rokotakala.

If required the order of succession would then follow with Archdeacon Gendy Thomson, Archdeacon Stephen King, Reverend Canon John Wilson, Archdeacon Stuart Goodin, Archdeacon Wendy Scott and Archdeacon May Croft.

Archdeacons are to have direct line contact with the Bishop or his subsequent successor via landline and mobile.

Pastoral Care:
The Diocesan Manager, Nick Young, is to devise a 'care system' for Anglican Centre staff:

• Gendy Thomson is to be pastorally responsible for Young Persons Office and Mission and Ministry staff
• Susanne Brantley is to be pastorally responsible for Finance staff
• Karen Stewart is to be pastorally responsible for Administration staff

The Vicar General is to meet with the Bishop to discuss access to clergy next of kin and family details. In an emergency all clergy mobile numbers will be put on the Diocesan website.

The Bishop will be responsible for providing daily prayer/devotions for the Diocesan website.

Emergency access to Trust Funds is to be arranged by Susanne Brantley if there is no or inadequate income from parishes/mission units.


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