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Fundraising News

Update 23 August 2012

Painter Available – Freshen Up for Spring

Tonto Tuhoe from Avalon Parish is available to paint your home. Tonto does both interior and exterior work, but is particularly seeking interior work during this time as it's often too wet and cold to paint outside. He is also able to do minor plastering and repairs prior to painting. Now is a good time to book your exterior painting job for the summer! Contact Tonto on telephone 021 0226 8216 for a quote. 

Electric Woks and Frypans Wanted – Are You Able to Help?

Planning is now underway for another school holiday "Cook Off" at the Taita Pomare Mission Project, at St Matthew's, Taita. The Cook Off which is modeled on television's MasterChef format sees families working together to prepare a tasty and nutritious lunch using ingredients that are usually found in a food parcel. Last holidays saw over 60 people sit down together for lunch.

Due to popular demand, we are moving to the nearby Community Centre. However we need more cooking appliances so if anyone has an electric wok or electric frypan that they would like to donate for the day, the Taita team would be most appreciative. They are also able to thank you with a copy of the forthcoming Kai-Fusion recipe book. Please email Anne Hannah on email if you are able to help. 


Recently a number clergy and Synod Reps, together with Vestry members attended a bequesting presentation during the course of the Regional Meetings. All who attended received a pack and brochures for the pews. For those of you who couldn't attend the pack will have been posted to you.

For further information on the topic see the link:  Bequests  > 

Please contact the Funding Manager, Anne Hannah if you require more assistance - email or 04 471 8590. 

Using Donations Well – A Suggestion for Vestry Committees 

As a Vestry you are often looking for innovative ways to assist in you in your work. Did you know that tax credits can be gifted directly to the Parish? Many Parishioners donate via direct credit or an envelope system which will require a receipt at the end of the financial year. If you acknowledge this donation with your Parish's Charities Commission number and include a form or a link to IR 526 – a tax credit form on the IRD website – with your Parish as the nominated recipient of the refund you really create the gift that keeps on giving! For example, a $10.00 per week donation will attract $173.00 in tax credits which can be used by your Parish. While it won't create a fortune we all know every bit counts.

Be aware that in nominating the Parish bank account, receipts from other donations may also come your way – the IRD form only allows one account. For many people this may not be an issue but it is wise to be aware and let your Parishioners know at the outset of the process. 

If you need more information, please telephone or email our Funding Manager, Anne Hannah, on 04 471 8590 

Anne Hannah, Diocesan Funding Manager 

uring January 2011 we welcomed Anne Hannah to the new position of Diocesan Funding Manager. 

Anne comes from Statistics New Zealand where her role was in relations with the media and managing corporate sponsorship. She has also managed election campaigns for Parliamentary and Mayoral candidates as well as fundraising for community organisations. 

Anne is married, with four children and is a parishioner at St Michael's Church, Kelburn. 

Anne's initial priorities will be to establish relationships with funding agencies that can support Young People's Office projects and the Taita Project; to assist Parishes seeking capital funding for major projects; and to build support for the Diocesan Development Fund and the Bishopric Endowment Fund. This appointment came from an initiative in the Young Persons' Office and has been made with the support of the Bishop and Archdeacons' Meeting (BAM), Management Committee and the Wellington Diocesan Board of Trustees who are underwriting the funding of the position. 

For those wishing to contact Anne, her contact details are: 
DDI 04 471 8590 
or send her mail at P O Box 12046, Wellington 6144.

No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!