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Fundraising - Module 7

Module 7 - Using the media to promote your fundraising

Your local newspaper

Local newspapers are always looking for local stories.
There are several ways of approaching this:
  • While it is usual practice for the Vicar to be the spokesperson for the parish it is also useful to have a dedicated person providing stories and updates about what’s happening with the special event you’re hosting.
  • Draw up a plan which includes the time and dates for the placement of any media material.
  • Liaise with the Vicar and any other people who are involved in planning the event to determine, agree and confirm the key messages you want to promote.
  • Keep these messages succinct and focused.
  • You will need to establish who the reporter is covering your area.
  • Give them a call and introduce yourself.
  • Every activity you undertake is potentially newsworthy. 
  • You need to think about the ‘angle’ and how to pitch it to the reporter. 
  • If you can provide good stories you will get coverage. For example a project to raise funds for the church roof can be angled in a way that tells how the hall serves the community, how long it has been use, any interesting facts around its use, the other services that use it etc. Local ‘stars’ who may have used/trained in the facilities. 
  • Providing a context as to why the project is important will help in getting support and consequently more money for your cause.
  • You can then pop in anything that is special to your church community –many parishes have a focus on a particular age group e.g. children, young people. It is also an opportunity to let people know service times, how they can engage etc.
  • A follow up email to the reporter is also a good idea. You can then ensure they have the correct time, date, what’s happening, who to contact etc. 

Social media
  • If you have a Facebook page (your own and the parish’s) it’s a good way of telling people what’s on and getting them to your event.
  • Pop a banner on your parish internet page. When people ‘google’ what’s on etc- it will pop up.

The Dominion Post
  • The paper has a daily diary section – you can place information about you event at no cost. Remember to check deadline details. You will need to provide them with written details via email. It is best to call prior to ascertain if it’s something they are interested in running.
  • Pop a notice on their electronic “event “ page. Access it via the “Stuff” site. This is free!
  • If you have the budget you can do an insert a flyer in to the Dom. If you’re lucky you can segment the area you want it to reach versus the whole of Wellington- this keeps costs down. Think about the timing of the insert – do it during the week leading up to the event. 

  • A similar service is provided by local radio stations. Think about the one most suitable for the intended audience for your event. A quick call to the station will help you with this. They know their audience demographics!

Other channels

Sunday notices
  • Remember your congregation and build the event for them. Ask them to place information about the event on their work notice boards, face book pages etc, invite their friends.
  • Email the Anglican Centre with details of your event for placement in the Thursday Bulletin . 

  • There are a number of sites around the city where banners can be placed at no cost. For example, the bend by the logging yard at Centre Port, Wellington, is a great site to capture people’s attention as they come in from the Hutt Valley. 
  • You can also ask local business if they will host signage. For example, the Museum Hotel is a great site, if they support your cause, and they are also opposite Te Papa!

Community Notice Boards etc
  • Don’t forget signage for outside the church. 
  • There are local spots in your community such as the local ‘Four Square” etc which often serve as informal local information boards and are happy to carry notices.
  • Don’t forget to ask any sponsors to put up a notice etc. Remember to include them in your promotional material.

After the event
  • It’s good to provide the local paper with information about how it went and when the fundraiser goal is likely to be actioned. Any photos can be helpful. It’s also an opportunity to thank the community.
  • Let us know at the Anglican Centre, it can make a nice story for the Thursday Bulletin or Linkwell.

Please let me know your stories and successes and how you got there. I can be contacted by email on or call 04 471 8590.

Anne Hannah, September 2011

Download a copy:   Using the media to promote your fundraising.     pdf copy.

No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
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