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Fundraising - Module 6

Quick fundraising tips - when you need an idea quickly
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket 
  • It can be a mistake to rely on one big event
  • But you can run a big event that will make lots of money
  • Have a mix of ‘big’ and little things
  • It spreads the number of people you can ask to contribute.
  • Remember there are some people who can afford $10 and some who can afford $100,000 –ask appropriately. 
  • Cater to them all. 
  • Calculate likely costs before you start. This will determine any subsequent charges.
  • Debrief and learn for next time.
Have an “auction of promises” – some suggestions
  • This could include bidding for gardening services provided by a “green fingered” parish team.
  • A fully catered dinner/picnic. 
  • An offer to fill the tins or bake a special cake.
  • The offer of legal services.

Don’t forget the regular earners:
  • Film evenings and quizzes. 
  • They also provide an opportunity to introduce people to what you do and who you are.

If you’re doing anything publically make sure you’re well indentified.
  • Look out for large events such as sports gatherings or building openings. You can leverage off them. Sausage sizzles, raffles, stalls etc.
  • These events also build community relationships.

Best results come from asking personally
  • Or you can write. Here’s an idea.
  • Send out a tea bag in a letter and suggest they sit down and have a cup of tea.
  • Ask them to work out what an hour or two of their time is worth, and suggest they donate that amount.

You will be surprised!

Please let me know your stories and successes and how you got there. I can be contacted by email or call 04 471 8590.

Anne Hannah, August 2011

Download a copy:   Quick fundraising tips.     pdf copy.

No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!