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Fundraising - Module 4

Tips for running a Quiz Night at your church  

Quiz’s are great fun and can raise in the vicinity of $5000 in an evening for your project.

They also provide a great forum for a fun parish get -together.

They are also a great way of introducing/including the non –church going community in your church.

Before you get started it’s best to have a team responsible for the event with a clear leader who will ensure that the event is well planned and co-ordinated.

The how to:

You need to have a clear message about what you are raising funds for.
  • For example “to help replace the church hall roof” “to support missionary work in Egypt” (you can explain why this is important in your supporting promotional material)
  • A message for general funds, maintenance etc. does not get people through the door to your quiz. 
  • People like to know they are helping a specific project or cause.


Before you start promoting the event you need to do a budget.

Things to consider are:
  • the cost of the tickets - $25 pp for the night is an average price for this.
  • promotional costs for publicity material, tickets etc. 
  • think if you will need to hire tables and chairs, glass ware, table cloths, a sound system 
  • the cost of the food and beverage you are going to include in your ticket price (If you‘re selling wine etc you must supply some food)
  • you may need a liquor licence for the night
  • consider your start time and let people know what is available in regard to food.
  • food is a good way to add to your profits but people need to know what is on offer –so they don’t have dinner etc.
  • these considerations will help you in determining your ticket price.

The venue

  • The church hall is a great place to hold this type of event. It usually holds a large crowd and is available at no cost.
  • Do you have access to an overhead projector and screen for the questions?
    (not essential but very useful with a large group)

Promotion - how you are going tell people about the event

There is a range of ways you can promote your quiz.

Your internal audience - the congregation
  • Make sure it’s mentioned in the Sunday notices in the month leading up to the quiz night.
  • Ensure it’s included in all email communications within the church community.
  • Have a sign outside the church
  • Put a banner on your webpage with the key times, dates, ticket price, cause details, include extras such as auction items - if you’re holding one.
  • Ask your congregation to help by placing it on the electronic notice board at their workplace. (Prepare the messaging for them – it is important to have similar succinct messages in a range of places.)

External audiences
  • Use your local community notice boards – these are well placed in most communities.
  • Get a message out on the local radio station – in the “what’s happening” section.   Usually this is just prior to the event.
  • Place a notice in the community diary of your local paper.
  • Alternatively it may be an opportunity for a local story. Your Vicar can talk about what’s happening at your church –the music groups, coffee morning etc. and then pitch in the quiz and the why etc. Local papers are always looking for good local stories. You just need to think of the “news values” before you engage the paper.
  • Do a mail drop to local letter boxes.
  • In all your promotional activities include a contact point letting people know that if they can’t come where they can send a donation.

  • Ensure you include the date, clear start and finish times, what’s included, what’s available, and the price.
  • You can use the back of the ticket to tell people more about the cause etc. Include a website (if you have one) that contains relevant and updated information about your “cause”.

The Quiz
  • Try and be inclusive in your questions. Consider the age span of your audience when preparing your questions
  • If you have a large group, a mic and an overhead projection is best to ensure everyone sees and hears your questions.
  • Have a lively Quiz compere
  • Remember to have a prize for the winning group!

Extras to think about on the night

  • A cash bar – keep it simple, a red, a white, a beer and some non-alcoholic choices.
  • Look for good deals on good wine and charge by the glass. Charge around $4-$5 per glass.
  • Food - you will need to supply something to eat if you’re selling wine.
  • Have some free food then offer hot food for sale. Another option is a desert trolley with cupcakes etc. This looks great – remember the visual ‘wow’ factor.
  • It pays to put any serious food options on the ticket or people will eat before they come.

An auction or raffle
  • A door raffle with the draw on the night is an extra money spinner. You are often able to source goods from local business in your area. Remember it doesn’t need to be all goods/items, people will often donate services as well. 
  • Many quiz nights incorporate an auction – often local business will be generous in their support. Or you can approach business for discounted service and then on-sell.
  • What you offer needs to suit the culture of your community.
  • This can range from cake baking - filling the tins, to a catered dinner by a parish team, dinner and a night at the movies, a weekend at someone’s bach. The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.
  • Choose a lively auctioneer. This will set the scene and get people bidding.
  • The auction is a useful filler while the quiz points are being counted.

Organising helpers 

Think about how many people you will need on the night.

Break it down into people:
  • who will help set up/ do the bar
  • wait tables
  • collect and collate the quiz answers
  • those who will clean up and pack out
  • It’s good to separate these tasks as it make it an easier job for everybody.


  • Think about what went well.
  • What you would do differently next time.
  • Remember to thank all you contributors and sponsors. It’s good to let them know how much you raised and how it will help.
  • Keep a record of this. You may want to ask them for support again.

Please let me know your stories and successes and how you got there. I can be contacted by email or call 04 471 8590.

Anne Hannah, July 2011

Download a copy:   Tips for running a Quiz Night at your church.     pdf copy.

No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!