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Fundraising Ideas for Parishes – A New Resource to Help You in Your Work 

Fundraising is a worthwhile and enjoyable part of Parish life. Anne Hannah, Fundraising Manager at the Anglican Centre has prepared a pack of fundraising ideas to help you with this work. This pack contains a range of material and useful web links which will be presented as modules over the forthcoming weeks. These modules will also be available on the Diocesan website.

  1. Doing a funding application  >
  2. What others have done: some hall-building case studies - urban and rural  > 
  3. Running a movie night  >
  4. Running a quiz night  >
  5. Hosting a dinner/lunch or any other festive occasion  >
  6. Some quick fundraising tips  >
  7. Using the local media to tell your story and promote your event  >
  8. The church fair –tips on running and organising  >
  9. Maintaining a good database
  10. Useful web links (a page with links to funders)

Fundraising is about raising funds for a particular cause or project. When doing this you have two options: going all out and charging to ensure your event is profitable, or creating an event which will probably involve as much effort but will have you getting together and only covering costs. The choice is yours.

Please let Anne know your stories and successes, and how you got there. She can be contacted by email or telephone 04 471 8590.

Module 1: Doing a Funding Application 

This module is available:  click here  >  or  to download:   Doing a Funding Application    

Module 2 : Case Studies

This is the second module in this series of Fundraising Ideas for Parishes. This week the focus is two case studies about how an urban and a rural Parish each funded and built their church halls. 

This module is available:  click Case Studies  >

If you are considering any major building projects, please contact the Anglican Centre and we will put you in touch with David Chapple, Diocesan Property Manager, who is able to assist and guide you with this work. If you have any stories or successes that you would like to share about your own fundraising, please email.

Module 3 – Running a Movie Night

This is the next module in the fundraising ideas for Parishes. While many of you will be old hands at this type of fundraising, it is hoped that this will be useful for people doing it for the first time.

This module is available Running a movie night  >

Module 4 - Tips for running a Quiz Night at your church 
The next module is "Tips for running a Quiz Night" in the fundraising ideas for Parishes. While many of you will be old hands at this type of fundraising, it is hoped that this will be useful for people doing it for the first time.

The Module is available Tips for running a quiz night  >

Module 5 - Planning a mid-winter parish dinner
This module will help you plan a successful fun mid-winter parish dinner. A way to bring the parish community together and raise some funds!

The module is available Planning a mid-winter parish dinner >

Module 6 - Fundraising Ideas for Parishes - some Quick Fundraising Tips
This is the next "module" in the "Fundraising Ideas for Parishes" online pack.
While many of you will be old hands fundraising it is hoped that will be useful for people doing it for the first time.
Please send me your feedback and successes and more tips!

The module is available Quick Fundraising tips >

Module 7 - Using the media to promote your fundraising
This next module "Using the media to promote your fundraising' will provide some more useful tips for your fundraising efforts.

The module is available:  Using the media to promote your fundraising  >.

Module 8 - The Church Fair - tips on running and organising 
This module will help you plan, organise and run a successful Church Fair.

the module is available: The church fair –tips on running and organising  >

Please send your feedback and success stories to Anne on email.

Anne Hannah, Diocesan Funding Manager 

uring January 2011 we welcomed Anne Hannah to the new position of Diocesan Funding Manager. 

Anne comes from Statistics New Zealand where her role was in relations with the media and managing corporate sponsorship. She has also managed election campaigns for Parliamentary and Mayoral candidates as well as fundraising for community organisations. 

Anne is married, with four children and is a parishioner at St Michael's Church, Kelburn. 

Anne's initial priorities will be to establish relationships with funding agencies that can support Young People's Office projects and the Taita Project; to assist Parishes seeking capital funding for major projects; and to build support for the Diocesan Development Fund and the Bishopric Endowment Fund. This appointment came from an initiative in the Young Persons' Office and has been made with the support of the Bishop and Archdeacons' Meeting (BAM), Management Committee and the Wellington Diocesan Board of Trustees who are underwriting the funding of the position. 

For those wishing to contact Anne, her contact details are: 
DDI 04 471 8590 
or send her mail at P O Box 12046, Wellington 6144.

No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!