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Why a Will is important

In the March edition of Linkwell we talked about how bequests assist in ensuring the sustainable future of our church. Bequests allow you to give more than you had considered possible without affecting your daily living costs. You are able to make sure there is ongoing support for work that is important to you. If you want to leave a bequest to the Diocese or your parish you will need a Will.

Estate planning is important and many of us haven't thought about the practical "what will happen to my assets when I die" question. We tend only to confront this question when prompted by important life events such as; marriage, the birth of a child, travel, or being the recipient of a gift in a will ourselves.

A Will is the best way to ensure that your estate is settled and distributed according to your wishes. A properly drafted Will specifies who receives your assets and often prevents any unanticipated disagreements after your death.

Your family solicitor or the Public Trust can assist you in making a Will. It is important to have this independent and impartial advice - which need not be costly. Basic pre-printed Wills are available but they tend not to provide you with the needed level of customization. Your Will provides an opportunity for you to decide on how you dispose of your assets and a properly drafted will allows this flexibility. It is also important that your Will is kept up to date so it's a good idea to revisit your will every ten years or so and update it as necessary.

Many people after giving to family and friends also like to give to causes or organization that are important to them.  If you are considering a gift in your Will to either your parish or the diocese, talk to your local Vicar or contact Anne Hannah, Diocesan Funding Manager on 04 471 8590 or email.

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