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 1 November 2012

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Wassup in the Diocese?
What's Up In Your Area? What is Being Done? Photos and Stories Needed for LinkWELL

Send a photo to LinkWELL with an explanatory paragraph so that we can tell our Diocesan Family what you are doing in your neck of the Diocese. Email your photos and stories to Mary Houston at email by Friday 9 November. Thank you!

Also Stories and Photos Needed for Wassup in the Diocese?

This is a reminder to send in your stories and photos of what's happening in your neighbourhood, Parish or Archdeaconry for our Wassup in the Diocese column. We receive feedback that this column is one of the most enjoyed parts of the Bulletin (apart from the Last Word of course!) so we're always looking for more stories and photos to feature.

The cutoff for contributions to the Bulletin is noon on Tuesdays so if it doesn't make that week's issue, or there are already two or three articles in the column, then it will appear the following week.

Greytown Parish Fair

What a fabulous day for a Fair!

This past Labour Day, St Luke's Anglican Parish in Greytown held its annual Parish Fair.

The Parish Fair was a fantastic success on many levels. "Every year it seems to be getting bigger and more festive" Fair Organiser and Vicar's Warden Julian Downs said.

"We sold several stalls to different groups and businesses, and almost all of them have booked again for next year, saying this is one of the best events that they work with."

Labour Weekend was also the weekend of the Greytown Arts Festival, so along with Justine Eldred's Community Dance Company performing nightly sold-out shows in the Church Hall and a special artistic last supper dinner on Sunday night that raised funds for starving people in North Korea, the Fair was a crowning glory of a very busy and fruitful weekend.

"This past weekend the Church became the centre of things in town! Hundreds of people have come through our doors and onto our grounds" says Vicar Andy Eldred.

"Ever since our Fair, so many people have stopped me on the street just to let me know how much they loved the Fair or the dance pieces. It is so much more than a fundraiser. It is a Parish social event, an opportunity for everyone in the Parish to step up and use their gifts and talents, and a wonderful and fun way to introduce people to the church.

"Having a great band playing on the front lawn helps to build the festive atmosphere, and everyone is surprised to learn that the band that just finished playing a fantastic cover of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb is also the Sunday night worship band!


"We had the usual second hand sales, but also hot dogs, sausages, Devonshire teas, face painting, pony rides, petting zoo, mini ferris wheel – the list goes on and on. It was the place to be on Labour Monday!"

The Fair raised over $4,500 with more still coming in through internet sales, but the profit to the Parish is priceless.

Diocesan Youth Meet

College Leavers Dinners with Bishop Justin

The last of the College Leavers Dinners with Bishop Justin was held last week. 

These dinners were held to support Year 13 students in transition to their next stage in life whether it be work or study. The other purpose of the dinners was to enable the students to connect with faith communities for 2013. 
  Joint Youth Service at St Mary's, Karori 

On Friday 26 October, a joint Youth Service was held at St Mary's, Karori. 

The successful service was put together by the Parishes of Whitby, Karori and Hataitai with support from friends.

A great effort guys – and a great night! 

Ordination 2012

Ordination Service – 24 November

The Diocesan Ordination Service will take place at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul at 2.00pm on Saturday 24 November 2012. The Ordination candidates for 2012 are as follows:

To the Priesthood
 Reverend Alex Brunt  Parish of Eastbourne
 Reverend James Clarke  School Chaplain, Rathkeale College, Masterton 
 Reverend James Coleman  Parish of Karori 
 Reverend Chris Darnell 
 Parishes of Eketahuna and Pahiatua 
 Reverend Cath Growcott     Parish of Wadestown
 Reverend Paul McIntosh  Parish of Karori 
 Reverend Hennie Nothnagel   Parish of Kapiti 
 Reverend Sarah Nothnagel      Parish of Kapiti 
 Reverend Dave Smart     Parish of Trentham

To the Diaconate 
 Mark Johnson   Tertiary Chaplain, Victoria University of Wellington 

Introduction of Ordination Candidates

Reverend Chris Darnell
Hi there. I'm four months into a Curacy with the Parishes of Pahiatua and Eketahuna (a place I like to call Tuahuna) and loving it. Having been a Tawa and Karori lad previously, my rural experience previously was limited to holidays in Taumarunui, so the learning curve has been steep and full of joy. Fortunately Wendy and Jill have been great to work with and have cut me some slack on regular occasions.

The Curacy comes at the end of two and a half years up at St John's College in Auckland. Taking that time out from my previous work (Karori Anglican Parishes, and before that Alpha New Zealand) to focus on personal and spiritual formation, and theological education has been a real treat, and I'm sure friendships from there will last for many years more.

When not working, I like to listen to good music, watch good TV or movies, go for long walks, devour information (perusing hundreds of articles each day), play music, design things, drink coffee, whistle, sit on my friend's couches, sleep, talk to myself and whatever else tickles my fancy. The journey as I approach Ordination is unnerving, humbling, exciting, terrifying and fun. I am greatly appreciative of the prayers of the Diocese at this time. God is so good.

I'd love to hear from anyone that wants to get in touch. Email or find me on Facebook.

Reverend Cath Growcott
Greetings from the amazing Parish of Wadestown – I am currently Deacon Assistant there, and will be Priest Assistant from the end of November. Prior to that I spent a year at St John's College, and was based at the amazing Parish of Hataitai-Kilbirnie before that.

I grew up in the Waikato in a farming community and part of the Anglican Parish in Morrinsville. I spent seven years at Anglican boarding schools and then went on to university. Despite my early Anglican involvement, I spent much of my twenties being disinterested in God and God's presence and purpose in my life. However, during this time I did have two experiences which have been important to me on my faith journey – in my early twenties I spent a week at the Taize community with my parents; and in my early thirties I spent six weeks touring Europe and the Holy Land singing in the choir of the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral of Christchurch (the Anglicans did not have women in their choir). I studied Engineering at the University of Canterbury, and together with my husband Dave spent time working in Australia and in the UK. While in the UK my sister invited us to church at Holy Trinity Brompton, where I experienced the peace and joy of God, and our lives have been very God focussed since then.

I first felt the stirrings of a call to Ordination while in the UK and I started studying towards a BTheol in 2002. I completed my BTheol in 2011 with study interspersed the demands of a growing family (we now have three children). I am enjoying being at Wadestown and look forward to getting to know more of you as I continue on my faith journey. I pray God's joy and peace to you all.

Mark Johnson
In 2005 while I was speaking at a school of missions for Steiger International in Waikanae, I met a beautiful Kiwi girl. I was deeply smitten. That, apparently, was the beginning of my journey to New Zealand and the Anglican Church. I married that girl (Kirsty Resink) in 2006 and brought her to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I was leading a ministry and pastoring a church. I (along with two others) had pioneered this ministry while I was a youth pastor in an effort to reach anarchistic and countercultural kids back in 1993. I eventually resigned from the church I was at, joined Steiger International (a non-denominational youth missions organization), and we became the Minneapolis base of Steiger International. For 17 years I led the ministry and eventually the church (The Salvage Yard Church) that we accidently planted.

Early in 2011, Kirsty and I (and our little son, Micah) took a sabbatical in Waikanae to rest and pray about our future. Two years earlier I had gone back to school to work on a MA in Theological Studies and discovered that I really enjoyed being in an academic environment again. I had also had some conversations with the Anglican Chaplaincy at Victoria University during this time because of mutual friends (and relatives). During our sabbatical, I was offered the Supervising Chaplain's position. After much agonizing prayer, I resigned from my position in Minneapolis and with Steiger International, and accepted the offer at the Anglican Chaplaincy. We went back to Minneapolis to say our goodbyes to our dear friends and family, and returned to Wellington in July of 2011.

The last year has been like drinking from a fire hose. Going from the margins of society and Christian culture to the centres of institutional life has been challenging. The support I have received from wonderful people within the Diocese and at the university has been encouraging. The breadth and diversity of the Anglican Church is both maddening and refreshing. The depth is sobering. God is definitely at work here. He is doing a new thing. The opportunities and challenges at the university and in the Diocese are great. So is our God.

My beautiful wife Kirsty and our lovely son Micah (2½ years old) are living in Kelburn and looking forward to a new addition to the family arriving in April. I have two grown children; one living in Melbourne (Candice) and one living in Kentucky (Randall) with his wife (Heather) and my beautiful new granddaughter (Evelyn). Life is beautiful.

Reverend Paul Bernard McIntosh
I am 33 years old, married to Catherine, and have been following Jesus for around 10 years now. We moved to Karori (Wellington) at the beginning of this year, where I am the Curate at Karori Anglican Churches. I currently coordinate the pastoral care within our Parish and have the privilege to work with a very supportive and stimulating team. One of my greatest passions is to see people find full life in Christ, and help them more towards wholeness in all areas of life.

My journey to priesthood began at the Wellington Ordination service in 2007, where I was a part of the congregation and felt a deep sense of God calling me to this particular vocation. I then married Catherine in 2008 and was whisked away by her calling, as a diplomat, when we moved to Paris for over three years. Looking back, God's provision was more than I could have ever imagined. I was accepted for Ordination training prior to our departure; we arrived in France three weeks before the European academic year, and I was accepted into St Mellitus Theological College in London which I will be forever grateful for. God is good!

Before moving overseas I worked for Alpha NZ, where I was the National Coordinator for Youth and Student Alpha. Then in Paris, while studying towards my theological degree, I worked part time for St Michael's Church where I led the young adults' ministry. I was ordained Deacon in Paris last year, and then I spent the next six months on a short term Curacy at St Mark's Church in Versailles.

My prayer is that, like five years ago at my last experience of an Ordination Service in the Wellington Cathedral, God's creative and dynamic Spirit would be poured out afresh on us all. That there would be an empowering of those of us being ordained, but also a sense of excitement and joy as we all come together as the body of Christ.

News from the Parishes
Parish of Ruapehu: Being Family – Please Support Our Local Missioner!!

Ruapehu Parish has not had a full time priest for nearly 20 years. Local people have supported and maintained this Parish for years and now something new and exciting is happening!!!

Reverend Sam Bate has been appointed Missioner of this Parish for two years to begin something new to build the Kingdom of God at the END OF THE DIOCESE!!! We have already been given some donations so we can afford to pay him $30,000.

But can you help please??

We would like to invite teams of people to come and help improve the Vicarage to a standard that Sam, Christina and Andrew can live in it. It desperately needs:
  • And lots of sanding and painting and of course insulation
Getting Dirty for God has already booked time in December for 17 young people.

We have funds to get this under way. We are applying for grants to replace the three year old carpet which has been destroyed by tenants.

If you don't have a team to bring and help, can your Parish consider sponsoring the decoration of a room – raise $4,000 towards the kitchen, or just $1,000 to buy and install a new shower. Or even a donation towards the renovations will be gratefully received, as will bales of insulation.

Corinthians is clear: we are to support one another in times of need, and the need for Ruapehu is now.

If you can help practically please email Alison on email or Elizabeth on email  – this will ensure that times can be coordinated and the Parish is not flooded with people! Please note that accommodation, food and encouragement will be supplied!

If you would like to help financially, please send your cheque to Alison Seifert, Ruapehu Parish, P O Box 138, Ruapehu.

Thank You!!

For details of parish events - check the Calendar, previous Bulletins or use search at the top left of the website.   |  Calendar  >  |  Thursday  Bulletins  >   |  Search  >

News from the Diocese

Prison Fellowship Inside Out Special Edition

Prison Fellowship have a special edition of Inside Out with important news regarding the Faith Based Unit. A new agreement between Prison Fellowship New Zealand and the Corrections Department will give prisoners access to the Christian organisation's reintegration programmes in more sites than ever before.

Prison Fellowship Inside Out - Special Edition        pdf    67KB

CMS Wellington Branch Meeting Focus on Pakistan – 14 November

CMS Wellington Branch invites you to Focus on Pakistan at 7.00pm at St Augustine's, Petone on Wednesday 14 November. Wellington's newest mission partner Jean will speak on how she has been led to mission work assisting Judith at Kunri near Karachi. Supporting speakers are Jocelyn and Dianne who are shortly travelling to Pakistan for a private visit returning to those among whom they served some years ago. For more information please contact Eric Palmer, Secretary of the Wellington Branch of CMS on email or telephone 04 569 3429.

Progressive Anglicans in Wellington – 16 November

The launch of The Progressive Anglican Movement will be on Friday 16 November from 5.30pm to 7.00pm at The Undercroft, St Peter's on Willis, Wellington.  Drinks and Nibbles provided – koha appreciated.

For a flyer:  Launch of Progressive Anglicans        pdf 
    • Are you keen on exploring progressive theological ideas?
    • Do you welcome spacious conversation on these issues?
    • Would you like to help the Progressive Christian voice to be heard in the Anglican Diocese of Wellington?
Check out Progressive Christianity on the web. Further information is available by email

Help Needed at ICHC (Hospital Chaplaincy), Wellington

The ICHC (Hospital Chaplaincy) office is looking for someone to help with receipting donations from the recent Hospital Chaplaincy week appeal on a short term basis through to the end of November. Ideally we would like someone who can do this either in the evenings or on a Saturday. Attention to detail and accuracy are essential. Please contact Margaret Poynton on telephone 04 801 8008 or email  for more information.

SGM The Journey of Prayer – 27 November, 4 and 11 December

All relationships change as people develop. Our prayer relationship with God also changes as we grow in faith. Spiritual Growth Ministries invite you to expand your experience of prayer by setting aside three Tuesday evenings in Advent – 27 November, and 4 and 11 December. Discover some possible new ways of praying and learn about the diversity and richness of prayer.

For a flyer advertising this event click here:  Journey of Prayer    pdf 

For more information please contact Mary Woollaston on email or telephone 04 567 8515.
Spiritual Growth Ministries (SGM) Wellington Region Programme for December
    • Any additions to the Wellington region programme will be placed on the SGM website.
    • If the cost of any of these events is an issue, please contact Jo Anastasiadis on telephone 04 384 4991 or email 
    • Anyone wishing to explore the gift of the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator (MBTI®), please contact Nita Hill on telephone 04 938 0462 or Graham Millar on telephone 04 479 7131
    • Facilitators for Quiet Days, Retreats and individual Spiritual Direction are available in the Wellington area – please contact one of the following people for more information:
      • Andrew Pritchard on telephone 04 904 6764
      • Merle Hiscock on telephone 04 976 4693 
      • Maureen Lamb on telephone 04 569 4149
    • If you would like to be added to the Wellington SGM database and kept informed of events and any additions or changes to this programme, please contact Terry Alve on telephone 04 232 2583 or email

A Week of Guided Prayer

 A week of guided prayer provides you with an opportunity to explore and discover God in everyday life and deepen your relationship with God. Participants commit themselves to pray for 30 minutes daily and to meet with a prayer guide at a pre-arranged time weekdays in which to share and reflect on their experiences of God. The week starts with a group meeting on Sunday afternoon and concludes with a group meeting on Friday evening.

Be Refreshed – a 24 Hour Personal Retreat for Women Offered Throughout the Year

A safe and quiet space in a cosy home close to Eastbourne beach with bush nearby is an ideal setting for women to take a short break for personal rest and refreshment. In the stillness of nature be drawn into the presence of God and discover how much you are loved and known.

A shared meal is offered the evening you arrive. Stay in your own comfortable bedroom; shared bathroom; provision for breakfast and a packed light lunch. There are various opportunities to go further afield and enjoy the exquisite peace and beauty of this area. Spiritual Direction is available on request. A Koha to cover expenses can be discussed when making a booking. For more information or a booking, please contact Libby Hinton on telephone 04 562 0117 or email.

Coming Home – With the Wisdom and Whim of Michael Leunig – 6 December

Poets have always been prophets and Michael Leunig hits home quicker than most with his poems and cartoons. This is the last in a series of four evenings.

 Facilitator:  Pip Nicholls 
 Venue:  Pa Maria, 78 Hobson Street, Thorndon, Wellington 
 Time:  7.00pm to 9.00pm 
 Cost:  $20.00 
 Registration:  Please just arrive on the evening and contact Pip on telephone 04 562 6364 or email  for more  information 

Running Revs Wanted for White Ribbon Race 2012 – 23 November

Following on from the recent Synod Hotspot, the Running Revs will be back at the Wellington White Ribbon Race this year. So far we have four team members, so there's room for up to ten more! The run is a gentle 1.8km from the Victoria University Law School to Civic Square, and takes about 10 minutes at a moderate pace. Team members would need to be available in Wellington from 11.30am to 12.30pm on Friday 23 November. 

The Kaupapa of White Ribbon Day is men taking a stand against family violence, so team membership is open first and foremost to male clergy, though if there were any lay men who are keen to support this event, you would be most welcome too. To sign up, please email Rev Richard Noble.   For the sisters – last year the blokes really appreciated having your support at the finish line, and would welcome the same this year!

News from the Office of the Next Generation 

Hero of the Week

The Hero of the Week has to be Anita Roberts for the fantastic way she uses Facebook, YouTube and the networking around Getting Dirty For God. Amazing – congratulations Anita.

Getting Dirty for God Quiz Night – 3 November

This is a fundraiser for the Fiji trip. Can't travel to Fiji but want to be part of the dream? Then come along to the quiz night and join in on Chris' table for a night of fun and laughter. Don't stress about the answers – we won't be! But if you are a quiz buff ... then ohhh yeah!!

This Saturday 3 November from 7.00pm to 9.30pm at the Waikanae Parish Hall – tickets are $20.00 each. There will be heaps of prizes and it's for a great cause. Tickets are available from Anita on telephone 027 378 0067 or email

Getting Dirty for God Mini – 10 to 14 December

It's exciting that we have been asked to do a Mini Getting Dirty for God in Raetihi. The camp will be from 4.00pm on Monday 10 December to noon on Friday 14 December. These times are designed to fit in with the Naked Bus timetable. There is no cost for this event for the participants apart from their travel to and from Raetihi. Presently the cost of the bus is $54.00 return from Wellington.

All your food, accommodation and incidental material costs will be covered by the Parish. This camp is for those who have been released from College and have been to a Getting Dirty for God before, and also for any adults who can offer support. We need as many adult volunteers as possible as numbers will be limited by the number of volunteers. So the first option for places will be for those young people who come from a community that also supplies adult volunteers. The total number of places for participants for this camp is 17 young people.

So email Chris for registration forms on email or give him a call on 04 471 8589.

Vacancy: Youth Pastor in the Parish of Karori

If you want to work in a vibrant and growing Church, Karori Anglican Churches is looking to replace Guy who has been our Youth Pastor for two years, and is getting married and leaving New Zealand. Guy has set our Ministry to Youth and Young People up, and now we are looking for somebody to take up the challenge of replacing Guy and building the Ministry further.

This is what we offer you:
    • Being part of a committed, forward-thinking community that is passionate about its contribution to the Karori community and the wider Anglican community 
    • A great team of young people who volunteer their time to support the Youth Ministry 
    • Clear direction – we know where we are going as a Church and you can be part of that 
    • Further personal development – we have great training opportunities 
    • The opportunity to put your own stamp on a critical Ministry 
You will bring to us:
    • A vibrant and alive faith, and the ability and passion to communicate the faith to others 
    • Experience in Ministry to youth and/or young people 
    • Ability and experience to develop young leaders 
    • A passion for discipling young people in their faith journey 
    • Drive – a get up and go philosophy 
If you are looking for an exciting challenge and believe you can contribute to making the Youth Ministry the best it can be, then apply now! Applications close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 31 October 2012.

For a job description and more information, please contact:

Wendy Davidson, Business Manager   Email     Telephone 04 476 8978

News from the Archdeacon for Mission
2014 Bicentennial Gathering of the Gospel Coming to Aotearoa New Zealand – 1 November

You are welcome to attend a gathering at The Street City Church, 9 Hania Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington, on Thursday 1 November at 3.00pm to discuss the initiative Project Hope 2014 Wellington. The aim of Project Hope is to highlight and celebrate (ecumenically) the bicentenary of mission work in New Zealand. Some links for your information are:

Hope Project website 
Hope Project booklet         pdf  

Please contact Archdeacon Danny Te Hiko on email if you would like to be part of a Diocesan organising group for the 2014 bicentennial and to promote an event(s) you may be planning for your area.

The Macro and Micro Mission of the Church – 21 November

Dr Ajith Fernando, please see ajith-fernando-bio  will be speaking at The Street City Church, 9 Hania Street, Mt Victoria, Wellington on Wednesday 21 November from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Ajith is national director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka and a Bible expositor with a worldwide ministry. At 64 years of age he still spends much of his time mentoring young people and remains active at Colombo Theological Seminary as chairman of the academic affairs committee.

He will bring to Wellington a clear, compelling, and inspiring message about global issues that are impacting the mission of the church, and how understanding these issues will help us as leaders to better lead out churches at a local level. There will be time for questions and answers also. This is an ecumenical event to help you invest in your own growth as a church leader whether lay or ordained.

For more information about Mission Council News please contact Archdeacon Danny Te Hiko on telephone 021 333 340 or email.  |  Mission Council News  >

News from Licensed Lay Ministry
Licensed Lay Ministry Training: Bicultural Training – 17 November

The bicultural training will take place on Saturday 17 November from 10.00am to approximately 1.30pm at Te Hepara Pai, 131 Cole Street, Masterton. Lunch will be provided. The training draws on the participant's experience and it will be centred on the history of biculturalism in our church. It will be easy to participate in and fun. Reverend Jenny Chalmers is the Facilitator. All are welcome to attend. Please register your attendance with Hilary Baskerville on email or telephone 06 378 9917.

For more information about Lay Licensed Ministry and the upcoming Lay Ministry workshops contact Rosie Dell on  (04) 472 1057 or email.  |  Lay Ministry News  >     |  LLM Training events  >

News from the Archdeacon for Ministry

For more information please contact Archdeacon Tony Gerritsen on telephone 06 355 4508 or email.   |  Ministry Development News  >

News from Your Cathedral
Coming Events at Your Cathedral

Friday 2 November at 7.00pm – All Souls' Combined Cathedrals and Choirs Service at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Hill Street, Wellington

Sunday 4 November at 8.00am and 10.00am – All Saints' Day with His Grace Thabo Makgoba, Archbishop of Cape Town preaching. This is a mission encounter as part of the ACC-15 (Anglican Consultative Council) Meeting in Auckland.

Sunday 4 November at 5.00pm – All Souls' Choral Evensong with candlelighting.

Sunday 2 December at 7.00pm – Cathedral Companions Soiree in the Loaves and Fishes, Wellington Cathedral of St Paul

For more information check out the Cathedral's website.  |   Cathedral facebook page.

News from the Resource Centre 

This Week's Featured Books

Reaching for the Invisible God – What Can We Expect To Find?
Philip Yancey
Softcover – was $25.00 now on sale at $20.00
Last one in stock so be in quick!

How do I relate to a God who is invisible when I'm never quite sure he's there?  Philip Yancey

Life with God doesn't always work like we thought. High expectations slam against the reality of personal weaknesses and unwelcome surprises. And the God who we've been told longs for our company may seem remote, emotionally unavailable. 

Is God playing games?
What can we count on this God for?
How can we know?
How can we know God?

This relationship with a God we can't see, hear or touch – how does it really work?

Unnamed – Unsuspecting Heroes Singled Out by God
Chris Travis
Softcover – was $20.00 now on sale at $16.00
Last one in stock so be in quick!

Unsure of your heroic potential?  So were they,  
Afraid?  Doubtful?  They were too  

But God often chooses unsuspecting heroes and writes unlikely endings to his stories. Many characters in the Bible are even unnamed, yet their adventures reveal the kind of lasting impact that God intends each of us to have. 

Why do the vast majority of us live out unremarkable days in spite of our God-given hunger for significance? Unsung is one thing, but why settle for uninteresting? Or even worse, uninvolved? 

Unnamed introduces unsuspecting heroes from the Bible who were prompted by God, then chose to take action even though they were unexpected, unclean, unpolished, unworthy, underestimated, uncertain, unnoticed or unranked. 

Renovation of the Church – What Happens When a Seeker Church Discovers Spiritual Formation
Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken
Softcover – was $30.00 now on sale at $24.00
Last one in stock so be in quick!

This is the story of a church. Oak Hills Church was reaching the community and growing quickly. They were offering excellent, entertaining weekend seeker services and building a talented and committed staff. Even more, this is a story about God.

God began speaking to the leaders of the church about what kind of church he wanted. He began changing hearts and minds and using broken people to spread his kingdom on the earth.

Season of Ash and Fire – Prayers and Liturgies for Lent and Easter
Blair Gilmer Meeks
Softcover – was $31.00 now on sale at $25.00
Two copies left in stock so be in quick

Season of Ash and Fire will help pastors and worship planners prepare for Lent and Easter. The author provides corporate prayers for each Sunday and Holy Day in the Easter cycle including:

• Ash Wednesday
• First through to fifth Sundays in Lent
• Passion/Palm Sunday
• Maundy Thursday
• Good Friday
• Easter Vigil
• Easter Sunday morning
• Easter Evening
• Second through to seventh Sundays of Easter
• Ascension Day
• Pentecost

Slugs & Snails & Puppy Dogs' Tails – Helping Boys Connect With God
Carolyn Edwards
Softcover – was $25.00 now on sale at $20.00
Two copies left in stock so be in quick!

"We have such a problem with our boys." This is a common refrain in many churches. It's more likely though, that boys are actually not the problem, rather our attitude to them, and our ideas of what a boy really is and what he needs in order to connect with God.

It is Carolyn Edward's heartfelt conviction that we are not meeting boys' spiritual needs. Her experience is that boys are willing to engage in the struggle to make themselves heard and seen as they really are: full of energy, fun, feeling and spirituality.

These books and other resources such as cards, Bibles, preaching resources, etc., are available from the Resource Centre – email or telephone 04 471 8584.

For more information about the Resource Centre, please click on the following link:

Resource Centre >  

News / Past Featured Books  >

News from WIT 

For more information about the Wellington Institute of Theology or the WIT Library, please click here >

General News 

Festival Singers Present From Shadow to Light – 1 December

The Festival Singers present From Shadow to Light on Saturday 1 December from 4.00pm to 5.30pm at St Ninian's Uniting Church, 208 Karori Road, Karori.

The concert will feature:
• Purcell
• Pärt
• Rutter
• Dumbleton
• Recorder ensemble
• Barbara and Lesley Graham

Tickets are available at a cost of $25.00/$20.00 at the door or from

Come and Sing Messiah – 2 December

For a flyer for Parishes to advertise this event click here:  Come and Sing Messiah.      pdf 

 Come and Sing Messiah is where singers from choirs, schools and churches will gather to sing great music together. Whatever your choral background is, be it current or past, novice or experienced, join in to sing some of Handel's great work. This is sure to be friendly, musically satisfying and fun! The performance is to be held at 6.00pm on Sunday 2 December at St James', Lower Hutt. Rehearsals will be held on Sunday 25 November as well as on the day.  For more information or to register your interest please contact Mary Horner on email.

Public Sacred Text Study – Our Core Beliefs: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives – 5 December

The Wellington Council of Christians and Jews present a Public Sacred Text Study: Our Core Beliefs: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Wednesday 5 December at 7.30pm at Temple Sinai, 147 Ghuznee Street, Wellington. Entry is by koha and all are welcome. Speakers include:

Jewish – Rabbi Adi Cohen, Wellington Progressive Jewish Congregation
Christian – Vanessa Borg, Catholic lay person, Wellington Focolare movement
Muslim – Rehanna Ali, Wellington Masjid

For more information please contact Dave Moskovitz on email or telephone 027 220 2202.

Holiday Exchange with UK Priest Available

Reverend Barry Middleton and his wife Julia, are a semi-retired Priest and Nurse respectively, and are from Felixstowe, East Anglia, Suffolk in the UK. They are trying to arrange a holiday exchange with a clergy couple in Wellington. They have a daughter living in Wellington, who is engaged in medical research at Massey University, and would like to be closer to her for a while but cannot stay in her one-bedroom unit.

Barry and Julia have arranged a holiday exchange on three previous occasions to great advantage on both sides. The last couple who stayed in their house had relatives just around the corner in Felixstowe, and an earlier couple explored the UK and much of Europe.

If you are interested in the idea of an exchange, please email Karen for more information and contact details.

Wanted: Furnished Property for Rent – January and February 2013

A furnished property is wanted for rent for returning mission partners, Reverend Iri and Kate Mato, from January to the end of February 2013. Iri and Kate are a mature couple. If anyone is able to help, please contact them directly on telephone 022 064 8759.

News from the Communion
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News from the Province
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News from the Anglican Centre

Friendly Payroll Reminder

This is a friendly reminder that details of any changes to be applied in the November payroll need to be emailed to by the end of Monday 5 November at the latest. Thanks!

2013 Dates for the Diocesan Calendar

If any Parishes or anyone else has any dates and/or events that would benefit from being included in the Diocesan Calendar for 2013, please send the details of the date and/or event to Karen at email The Diocesan Calendar will be printed and sent to all Parishes in mid-December, and a copy will be emailed to all those on the Diocesan email distribution list.

Beanies for Seafarers
There has been an overwhelming response to the call from Reverend Bob Peters, Chaplain to Mission for Seafarers, asking for beanies for visiting seafarers. But please don't stop now! The weather in Wellington has turned towards summer, but we are still having some cold days. Bob says that the visiting seafarers are so grateful for the beanies. Keep them coming! Beanies may be sent to the Anglican Centre, P O Box 12046, Wellington or dropped off at 18 Eccleston Hill, Thorndon.

Stamps for Anglican Missions Board

Parishes and individuals are reminded that the Anglican Centre will collect used stamps (or stamp collections not wanted any more) on behalf of the Anglican Missions Board. Please send your stamps (cut from the envelope please) to the Anglican Centre, P O Box 12046, Wellington or drop off at 18 Eccleston Hill, Thorndon.

ChristmasatChurch Website Forms

All Vicars, Priests in Charge, Chaplains, Parishes and Vestry Secretaries have been emailed the ChristmasatChurch website update forms. Would you please ensure that these forms are back at the Anglican Centre by Friday 16 November 2012 so that we can fly into Advent with an up to date ChristmasatChurch website.  The prize of chocolate to the first three Parishes to respond went within 24 hours of the email being sent out!

Diocesan Clergy Information Form

It is that time of year again when thoughts turn to updating the Diocesan Year Book which will be printed in December. There is also a need to ensure that the information we hold on our clergy database in accurate. This information will assist us in our ministry to and with you.

If you are a clergyperson, and have not received a form via email, follow the link for a copy of the form.

Diocesan Clergy Info form 2012       word doc


Insurance Renewal Valuations for 2012/2013 Insurance Renewal

All Bishop's and Vicar's Wardens have been posted a schedule that lists the current valuations for property that their Parish or Mission Unit has insured through the Diocesan Insurance Programme. In their mailing, the Wardens received:
    • A memo from David Chapple, Diocesan Property Manager
    • A list of the current insurance valuations for each property insured 
    • A Property Damage Insurance Renewal Form 2012 which must be completed and back in our hands no later than 15 November 2012
The information on the insurance renewal form is needed to provide the insurance company with exactly what we require and to assist us in negotiating a good insurance premium. Please all pray that we can get a lowering of the insurance rate – yes that's right – pray for a miracle!

It is important that Vestries attend to this matter as soon as possible. Thank you for your co-operation.

Up Coming Meetings at the Anglican Centre for November

Thursday 1
  • WIT Council
Thursday 8
  • Diocesan Managers
Wednesday 14
  • Finance Committee 
Thursday 15
  • WIT Consortium 
  • Joint Regional Committee 
Friday 16
  • Diocesan Board of Trustees
  • LLM Chaplains (Licensed Lay Ministry)
Wednesday 21
  • All Churches 



 Chinese Anglican Mission  Requires Fulltime Pastor
 Parish of Pauatahanui  Requires Part-time Priest in Charge
 Parish of St Matthew's, Palmerston North  Requires Fulltime Vicar 
 Parish of Johnsonville  Requires Fulltime Vicar 
 Wellington Cathedral of St Paul  Requires Fulltime Dean
 Parish of Eastbourne   Requires Fulltime Vicar

Please send a CV and covering letter to:

The Right Reverend Justin Duckworth
The Bishop's Office 
P O Box 12046
Wellington 6144
Telephone: 04 472 1057

For more information on Diocesan vacancies or Provincial vacancies, please click here >

Please send applications with a CV and covering letter to:

The Right Reverend Justin Duckworth
Bishop of Wellington
P O Box 12046
Wellington 6144
Telephone: 04 472 1057

Vacancies in the Province

Diocese of Auckland

College of St John the Evangelist, Auckland
Applications close on Friday 2 November 2012  
Auckland City Hospital 
Applications close on Friday 30 November 2012 
Fulltime Hospital Chaplain 
More information available at
Fulltime Administration Manager  

Diocese of Christchurch

Diocese of Christchurch 

Applications close on Friday 2 November 2012
Diocesan Children's Ministry Adviser  
Parish of Bryndwr  

Applications close on Saturday 10 November 2012
 Fulltime Vicar 
Waimate District Cooperating Venture 

Applications close on Friday 16 November 2012 
Fulltime Vicar 
Parish of St Michael's and All Angels 

Applications close on Friday 30 November 2012 
Fulltime Vicar 

Diocese of Waiapu

Parish of Havelock North 
Applications close on Friday 23 November 2012 
Fulltime Vicar 

Upcoming Dates for November 2012


Thursday 1
  • All Saints' Day 
  • Project Hope 2014 Wellington Meeting 
Thursday 1 to Wednesday 7
  • ACC -15 (Anglican Consultative Council) in Auckland – continuing from Saturday 27 October 
Friday 2
  • All Souls' Day 
  • All Souls' Combined Cathedrals and Choirs Service at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Wellington 
Saturday 3
  • Cursillo Te Ara Pono 6 Training Day in Wellington 
  • WIT Biblical Roadshow in Wellington 
  • SGM Walking the Mystical Path Workshop
  • Getting Dirty for God Quiz night in Waikanae 
Sunday 4
  • All Saints' Sunday 
  • Archbishop of Cape Town Preaching at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul 
  • All Souls' Choral Evensong at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul 
Monday 5
  • Celtic Eucharist at the Lady Chapel, Wellington Cathedral of St Paul 
  • Caring for Creation Evening Talk at All Saints', Palmerston North 
Tuesday 6
  • SGM Lectio Divina and Time for Silent Prayer 
  • Young Persons Office Oversight Group Meeting 
  • CWS Regional Forum 
Wednesday 7
  • Wellington City Mission Catering for Your Christmas Crowd Fundraiser at Samuel Marsden Collegiate, Karori 
Thursday 8
  • Wellington Archdeaconry Meeting 
Friday 9
  • Global Leadership Summit 
  • Annual Royal School of Church Music Wellington Branch Dinner 
Saturday 10
  • Cursillo Diocesan Ultreya at St Peter's, Palmerston North 
Sunday 11
  • Remembrance Sunday 
  • Feast of Christ in All Creation 
Monday 12
  • SGM Lectio Divina and Time for Silent Prayer 
  • Caring for Creation Evening Talk at All Saints', Palmerston North 
Tuesday 13
  • INC Leadership 
  • Manawatu Archdeaconry Children and Families Networking Event 
  • Taste and See EFM Information Evening at the Loaves and Fishes, Wellington Cathedral of St Paul 
Wednesday 14
  • SGM Lectio Divina and Time for Silent Prayer 
  • CMS Wellington Branch Meeting
Thursday 15
  • Diocesan Insurance Renewal Forms Due Back at the Anglican Centre 
Friday 16
  • ChristmasatChurch Website Update Forms Due Back at the Anglican Centre
  • Progressive Anglicans in Wellington seminar
Saturday 17
  • Cursillo Te Ara Pono at Rimutaka Prison 
  • LLM Workshop in the Wairarapa 
  • SGM Contemplative Walk/Tramp 
Sunday 18 to Friday 23
  • SGM A Week of Guided Prayer 
Monday 19
  • Second Anniversary of the Pike River Mine Tragedy 
  • Caring for Creation Evening Talk at All Saints', Palmerston North 
Monday 19 to Sunday 9 December
  • Encounter the Middle East with CMS Trip 
Tuesday 20
  • Belmont Archdeaconry Meeting 
  • Belmont Archdeaconry Children and Families Networking Event 
  • Diocesan Rural Ministry Day 
Wednesday 21
  • Mary Potter Hospice Palliative Care Training 
  • Macro and Micro Mission of the Church Seminar 
  • Wellington Hospital Chaplaincy Trust AGM 
Thursday 22
  • Seasons for Growth Reconnector Training 
Thursday 22 to Saturday 24
  • Ordination Retreat 
Friday 23
  • White Ribbon Race for an End to Family Violence 
Saturday 24
  • Diocesan Ordinations at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul 
  • Partners Run for Relief at Petone 
Sunday 25
  • Christ the King Sunday 
  • Aotearoa Sunday 
Monday 26
  • Caring for Creation Evening Talk at All Saints', Palmerston North 
Monday 26 to Thursday 29
  • Days of Prayer for the Ministry of the Church and Ordinands 
Tuesday 27
  • Wanganui Archdeaconry Meeting
  • SGM The Journey of Prayer workshop
Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29
  • Iwi-Christianity-Tauiwi Conference 
  • Historical Symposium for Marsden Bicentenary 
Wednesday 28
  • Southern Ordained Training Group Meeting in Wellington 
  • Cursillo Te Ara Pono 6 Team Commissioning at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul 
Thursday 29
  • Northern Ordained Training Group Meeting in Palmerston North 
Thursday 29 to Sunday 2 December
  • Cursillo Te Ara Pono 6 at Rimutaka Prison 
Friday 30
  • St Andrew, Apostle and Martyr 
For more 2012 dates & details regarding the events above - follow the link:  Events / Calendar  >

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