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W.I.T. Romans Seminar Papers

Paul's Letter to the Romans

Copies of the following papers, plus the introductory poster and the discussion questions, from the WIT Seminar on Paul's letter to the Romans are now available. They can be downloaded for personal reading, and could also be used in a parish study group.

Here are the following papers:  (Available as pdfs    )

Poster - Romans

 Session 1:  @ Home @ Rome – how the Romans did church, and who were they anyway?

 Jenny Wilkens
 Session 2:  The Pharisee Paul said what? Paul's pharisaic background & his relationship to 'the Jews' of Romans 

 Jenny Chalmers
 Session 3:  Walking the Romans Road ….? Sin, salvation & justification 

 Deborah Broome
 Session 4:  On tiptoe with expectation – Expanding our hope in the face of suffering

 Alister Hendery
  Questions for Discussion  


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