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W.I.T. Seminar on Revelation Papers

Apocalypse Now and Then
Are you reading Revelation? Revelation Seminar papers available

Papers from the 2011 Wellington Institute of theology seminar on the book of Revelation 'Apocalypse then & now' are available.  These may be of particular interest to Diploma of Anglican Studies students.

Here are the following papers:  (Available as pdfs    )


 Session 1:  Crisis or catharsis, justice or retribution? 
A snappy introduction to a florid and complicated book

 Jenny Chalmers 
 Session 2:  So which one are you?
Letters to the seven churches

 Deborah Broome
 Session 3:  The Silence of the Lamb or Worthy is the Lamb that was slain: Reactions to the presence of the Lamb in The Revelation of John 

 Barb Lash
 Session 4:  Raging Beasts and Fiery Dragons: Revelation and the Role of the Imagination in Theological Construction and Interpretation. 

 Sarah Beattie
 Session 5  End times or cryptic past? Rapture, tribulation and the mark of the beast. 

 Lyall Perris & Darryl Ward
  Questions for Discussion  


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