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W.I.T. Seminar: Paul - Engaging With the Apostle


At the end of 2009, Wellington Institute of Theology held seminars featuring four papers on  the Apostle Paul, offering perspectives on arguably the most important writer of the New Testament. They featured papers looking at different aspects of Paul’s writings. These papers are now available so they can be read and used by people in the Diocese.

The Programme used in the seminars is also available.


Paul - Why Bother? Engaging with the Apostle


Portraits of Paul: Myth and Reality  

(Sarah Beattie and Jenny Wilkens)              (392kB)


Did Paul Invent Christ? Paul, Jesus, the Christ and Salvation

(Darryl Ward)                                                    (117kB)


Paul, the Spirit and the Church

(Lyall Perris)                                                      (97kB)


Why Bother with Paul Today? Women, Slaves, Social Structures                               

(Deborah Broome)                                          (131kB)



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