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Wellington Cathedral of St Paul  

A Cathedral takes its name from the 'cathedra' or the 'Bishop's seat'. Therefore the Cathedral represents the ecclesiastical authority of the Bishop.

The Cathedral of St Paul is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington and the parish church of the historic district of Thorndon.  Situated within the parliamentary precinct of Wellington, it attracts a vibrant and diverse community of people drawn by a particular style of Anglican Cathedral worship which includes fine choral music.  The Cathedral is under the care and daily oversight of the Dean of the Diocese.

Use of the Cathedral

The Cathedral has a number of functions.  It is used for special Diocesan occasions especially ordinations.  It also has a civic and national role and is frequently asked to host special focus services or significant events.  The fine acoustics in St Paul's Cathedral make it a sought after venue for concerts, both choral and orchestral.

Architecture of the Cathedral

Influenced by Byzantine style and design, the Cathedral building was completed finally in 2000. It contains magnificent stained glass windows and engraved glass windows, and also a breathtaking dossal (altar) hanging of the Christ.  

The Cathedral also includes features of significant historic interest such as the Chanuk Bair Memorial, the Flag Room, the Women's Memorial, and a tribute to the business community of Wellington. 

The Cathedral's Lady Chapel is an important piece of New Zealand history.  It was relocated to the Cathedral in 1990 from its original site in Paraparaumu where it served as the Parish Church of St Paul.


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Updated January 2018


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