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Candles, Wafers and other Resources available

Resources available from the Anglican Centre Contact us by telephone 04 472 1057 or by Email

  • Wafers of all sizes from 3cm (People's) to dinner plate, including 3cm gluten free wafers 
  • Candles including Advent and Paschal, tapers and candle transfers - baptism and Paschal 
  • Service Registers including burial, marriage and services 
  • Communion Cups 
  • Sacramental cards - baptism, godparent, confirmation and admission to communion
  • Ngatiawa Liturgy books 
  • Liturgies of the Eucharist 
  • New Zealand Prayer Books (currently out of stock - waiting reprint in late 2018)
  • Annual Lenten studies 
  • Annual Lectionaries 
  • Provincial Clerical Directories 
  • Comfort Crosses made from Olive wood from Bethlehem - small and large
  • Greeting cards - birthday, get well, comfort, new baby, baptism, confirmation, ordination, sympathy, etc. 
  • Address books 
  • Lapel badges - sesqui crosses, provincial flax crosses and Diocesan crests  
  Ordering Your Resources

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Villages without Walls: An Exploration of the Necessity of Building Christian Community in a Post-Christian World (Second Edition)
By Nigel Dixon 

There is a rising awareness of the need for churches to be more world aware and mission focussed. The absolute necessity of this cannot be questioned; the church is struggling to make an impact in the Western World. But greater outwardness will not necessarily solve the profound challenges before us. Without a communal centre a church will never aspire to a greater sense of mission. And without healthy community the Gospel cannot be demonstrated to a watching world. Our challenging reality is that churches are struggling to build effective, intimate community in a culture that is busy, broken and fractured.

This book comes with Bishop Justin's recommendation. If you would like a copy for $23.00 plus P&P, please email Karen with your order.   


Perspective of Pilgrimage 
By John Davidson 

John Davidson was born in Lower Hutt and lives in Wellington, having retired as Professor of Classics at Victoria University of Wellington in 2010.  He has published extensively on ancient Greek literature and mythology and the Reception of the Classics in New Zealand poetry.  He is co-author of The Snake-Haired Muse: James K Baxter and Classical Myth (2011).  This is the fifth collection of his own poetry, after Presence in Absence (2013), Snapshots of Berlin (with Matthias Seidenst├╝cker, 2014), Soundings of Hellas (2015), and Visions of Valhalla: a Poetic Tribute to Richard Wagner (2016).  Up until his departure for the UK in 1966 for postgraduate study, he was a parishioner of the parish of Naenae-Epuni.  Since his return to NZ in 1969, he has been a member of St Mary's, Karori.

To order a copy of this book for $20.00 plus P&P,  please email Karen with your order. 

Our Place, Our Voice: Explorations in Contextual Theology - Women in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia 
By Council for Anglican Women's Studies 

I liken this anthology to a magnificent patchwork quilt.  The contributors are like my quilting ancestors in America.  Like the quilters, the theologians in this volume come from many different cultures and perspectives; each offers her unique gift that is brought together in this 'quilt'.  This finished piece becomes a contemporary snapshot that tells us where the spirit is moving at a given time within our community.  In time, I believe this work like a great quilt will become a treasured heirloom of the family of God in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia and beyond, so the global community will come to know the richness and diversity of this church.  Susanna Shelton, BA, MDiv, Theologian in Residence at the Anglican Parish of St John's Otumoetai, Tauranga

It is still imperative to provide a space for the explicit hearing of women's voices.  This volume does exactly that.  As we move further into the new millennium it gathers the myriad rich and diverse voices of Anglican women in Aotearoa New Zealand challenging themselves and their church to a new fidelity.  Elaine Wainwright is Professor of Theology, Head of the School of Theology at the University of Auckland, and long-term feminist biblical scholar.


To order a copy of this book for $20.00 plus P&P,  please email Karen with your order. 

Ngatiawa River Monastery Liturgy Books
$6.00 each 

The following books have been put together by Ngatiawa River Monastery and are available for $6.00 each from the Anglican Centre.

Daily Prayer: These prayers spring from our life together at Ngatiawa River Monastery.  The best thing you can do to become confident in understanding and leading these prayers is to come and spend time with us!  Share your knowledge with us and our ongoing journey of prayer and community will be enriched.  This book will be used for daily prayer at Ministry Leaders' Family Camp and some copies will be available.

Daily Devotions: Many of these Daily Devotions are lovingly adapted from A New Zealand Prayer Book/He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa.  We are grateful to Tuia/The Office of the General Synod for their support and permission to adapt these prayers.

Morning and Night Prayer: Many of these Morning and Night Prayers are lovingly adapted from A New Zealand Prayer Book/He Karakia Mihinare o Aotearoa.  We are grateful to Tuia/The Office of the General Synod for their support and permission to adapt these prayers.

Chapel of Tarore Songbook: The songs in this book should be sung repetitively as the invitation is to slow down our souls and go deeper.  Songs are listed in alphabetical order according to the first word of the song.


To order copies of these books for $6.00 each plus P&P,  please email Karen with your order.  

Earthed in Hope: Dying, Death and Funerals - A Pakeha Anglican Perspective  
By Reverend Alister Hendery  

Earthed in Hope will enrich the funeral ministry of those in the Anglican tradition and also those from other churches.  It is a valuable resource for funeral celebrants, counsellors and anyone supporting the bereaved and dying.  Hendery reflects on and responds to spiritual, theological, liturgical, pastoral and cultural questions, and offers practical suggestions and insights that will be helpful to those involved in taking funerals and caring for the bereaved and the dying.


To order a copy of this book for $40.00 plus P&P,  please email Karen with your order. 


No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!