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These are the Charitable Institutions and Trusts associated with the Anglican Diocese of Wellington:

All Saints' Children's Home Trust, Palmerston North

The Ken Gregory Fund: Financial assistance to children.
All applications to: The Chairperson, P O Box 549, Palmerston North, telephone 06 358 2400.

Wairarapa Families Anglican Trust,

Wairarapa Families Anglican Trust (formerly Sedgley Family Centre) is a community focused organisation that provides financial assistance for social services in the Wairarapa with a preference for Anglican Parish-based activities.

Contact: Richard Clatworthy, Secretary, P O Box 145, Masterton

(Decision maker – Wairarapa Families Trust Board)

Girls' Friendly Society

GFS is an independently funded charitable trust within Anglican Care. Current funding projects are:

  • 'Mission4Families' Social worker salary
  • ESOL support to refugee girls at Wellington East Girls' College
  • Tertiary Scholarship for a girl facing hardship and who may not attend university without assistance.
  • Mentoring programme for Pacific Island and Maori students studying at secondary school

Contact: Helen Allen, telephone 04 476 8312 or email

Sprott House Trust

A Stage 2 Rest Home for elderly people who require general care and support; a Stage 3 Rest Home for elderly people who have varying levels of dementia; a Continuing Care Hospital for the frail elderly and Villas for independent elderly people .

Applications to: The Secretary, Sprott House Trust, 29 Messines Road, Karori, Wellington, telephone 04 476 8759

The Wellington City Mission 

Wellington City Mission

19 Gordon Place, Newtown, P O Box 7477, Newtown, Wellington 6242, telephone: 04 245 0900, email:

Kemp Home and Hospital

21 Te Pene Avenue, Titahi Bay, P O Box 52081, Titahi Bay, Porirua 5242, telephone: 04 236 8099, email: 

City Missioner

Reverend Tric Malcolm, telephone: 04 245 0822, email: 

The Mission prides itself on being open to anyone who needs assistance, regardless of religious belief, age, ethnicity or social background.  Our four Mission programmes (Families, Youth, Independence and Seniors) assist a range of people living in Greater Wellington's communities.  The Mission also operates an elder care residential facility, Kemp Home and Hospital.  

Wallis Trust Applications 

Applications for funding from the Wallis Trust are considered twice a year, and the closing dates are 28 February and 31 August each year. The Wallis Trust is a Christian ecumenical Trust which seeks to continue to further the vision of Margaret Wallis to feed the souls of people within the boundaries of the Diocese of Wellington for those of Bishop Frederick and Margaret's Anglican faith tradition and the Greater Wellington Region for ecumenical friends. 

The Trust intends to:

    • Make grants and provide financial support for the purpose of holding retreats and conferences in connection with objects of a religious, charitable or educational character
    • To encourage and assist in the development of Christian community in accordance with the intention of Margaret Wallis 
    • To do and encourage all such acts, matters and things as may be incidental to or connected with, in the opinion of the Trustees, any or all of the foregoing purposes 

Applications for Trust funds are now open and more information about the application process is on the Wallis Trust website.

. For more information, please contact Rebecca Apperley on  


Information Regarding Objects for Bequests

The following information is supplied as a basis for instructions to solicitors in drawing up wills in which it is desired to bequeath sums for church purposes in the Diocese of Wellington. It is important that bequests should be so worded as to make it clear that the beneficiary object is connected with the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Wellington.

It is suggested that bequests could be directed to the Wellington Diocesan Board of Trustees for general church purposes.


Legacies intended to form part of the revenue of a Parish should be made payable to the Vicar and Churchwardens. As the boundaries of Parishes are changed from time to time, it may be desirable to state that the legacy shall be for the benefit of the Parish within which a specified church or locality is from time to time included.

Further Information

Further information may be obtained from the Diocesan Manager, P O Box 12046, Wellington, telephone 04 472 1057 or email  

General Trusts

These consist of the proceeds of land given in early years of the Diocese to be held in trust for General Synod and the proceeds of several Diocesan Funds which were wound up during 2000 in favour of a consolidation of funds.

Under Clause 2 of Title F, Canon III, of the General Synod, the specific application of the land is to be determined by the Diocesan Synod subject to the control of the General Synod. Pursuant to this clause the Diocesan Synod appropriates each year the surplus income of the General Trusts to augment the income of the General Church Fund.

Special Diocesan Trusts and Funds

Bear, Winton and Margaret, Trusts - Education for Ministry Scholarships

This Trust funds candidates in training for Ministry either for Ordination or Lay Ministry, with preference being given to those seeking ordination.

Bishop Sprott Memorial Fund

This fund was established in the will of the late S T C Sprott who died 27 July 1985. The will provided for the Diocesan Synod to vary the application of the annual income by Statute passed at two successive annual sessions of Synod subject to its being applied to some religious, charitable or educational purpose of the Diocese of Wellington. Currently the income is divided into two equal parts with half going to the Bishopric Endowment Trust and half going to the New Zealand Anglican Church Pension Board.

Clergy Compassionate Fund 

Clergy Compassionate Fund Governed by Standing Resolution B3 of the Diocesan Synod and administered by the Anglican Church Pension Board. Income is paid to disabled clergy and to alleviate distress or poverty of any clergy, partner or children on the recommendation of the Diocesan Pension Committee.

Day, Gwyn and Kelvin, Charitable Trust

Established in 1993, the income is to be applied in scholarships to support or assist the children of Anglican Clergy to attend an Anglican Independent Secondary School within the Wellington Diocese.

Fancourt Memorial Fund

For assistance to dependants of Clergy where adequate assistance is not available from any other source and also the training and maintenance of candidates for Holy Orders.

(Decision maker - the Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)

Kate Gerard Boys' Fund

For the purchase of books for the spiritual and religious advancement of boys. (Capital held by the trustees of the estate)

(Decision maker - the Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)

Bishop Hadfield Memorial Trusts

The High Court of New Zealand, in 1999, approved a new scheme for the Bishop Hadfield Memorial Trusts. Income can now be applied to the education, training and preparation of candidates for ordained ministry and for the education and training of ordained ministers, within the Diocese of Wellington and within that portion of te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa falling geographically within the Diocese of Wellington. Income can also be applied to support any college or institution acting under the authority of the Synod of the Diocese of Wellington or Te Hui Amorangi Whaiti Ki Te Upoko O Te Ika and providing theological education and ministry training for lay Christians or clergy.

(Decision maker – The Board of Governors of the Bishop Hadfield Memorial Trusts)

E L Herbert Memorial Fund

Income to be applied for the maintenance, education and support at a suitable Anglican orphanage, school, home or other institution conducted by the church for one or more boys in need. Preference given to boys residing in the Eketahuna District.

(Decision maker - Wellington Diocesan Board of Trustees and the Vicar of Eketahuna)

Home Mission Fund

Governed by Clause 16 (1) of the Finance Act 1998 and available by way of loans only.

(Decision maker - the Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)

St Bede's Prize Fund

Bequest of the late Rev H F Wilson. Income to be used for the award of a prize to a male student attending a Theological College of the Church of the Province of New Zealand for encouragement of Greek New Testament study.

(Decision maker - the Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)

R C Reed Endowment 

Established by bequest in 1971, income may be used to provide financial assistance for work amongst elderly women.

(Decision maker – Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)

Daniel Sanders Trust

Income to be used for the augmentation of the stipends in poorer outlying districts of the Diocese and to enable the restructuring of backblock districts into smaller parishes by assisting with stipends. The net income is paid each year to the General Church Fund.

(Decision maker - the Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)

Social Service Board General Endowment

The Social Service and Community Development Board determines distribution of the income.

H T Stealey Bequest

Left by the late Rev H T Stealey. Income is to be available for grants by the Committee for the employment of locum tenens in priest's orders to take charge of any parishes or parochial districts during the illness or convalescence of the Vicar or Priest Assistant.  The payment of a locum tenens could also be made in the case of a pregnancy.

(Decision maker - the Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)

Stewart Family Fund

Originating from bequests from members of the Stewart Family, the funds are presently used to assist clergy of the Diocese whether serving, retired or clergy widows/widowers in acquiring homes for retirement. Assistance may be by way of mortgages; a subsidy towards mortgage interest payments; the payment of rent or assistance towards the alteration; enlargement, repair, maintenance, or restoration of a home and the payment of rent.

(Decision maker – Wellington Diocesan Board of Trustees).

L O H Tripp Trust

For the benefit of clergy in the Diocese of Wellington. Funds are being used for interest free loans to assist newly ordained stipendiary clergy in the purchase of motor vehicles.

(Decision maker - the Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)

Caroline Uren Bequest

Originated from a bequest made in the will of Caroline Uren who died 9 July1982. The income of the trust is used (1) in a yearly grant of $500 to both the Wellington City Mission and Sprott House Trust to be used at the discretion of the Missioner/Matron to assist such persons as they see fit with fares for hospital visits or shopping and (2) once a year (or more if the income warrants it) to invite the clergy of the Diocese to submit the names of elderly parishioners who would benefit from financial assistance in the terms of the Trust.

(Decision maker - the Bicultural Resource Sharing Allocation Committee)



No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!