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Anglican Centre Staff

There are different divisions within the Anglican Centre as follows:

Bishop's Office

Bishop: Right Reverend Justin Duckworth      

The task of a Bishop is to be the chief pastor (shepherd) of a Diocese. He is responsible to build teams, encourage and guide clergy.  He is also to oversee with compassion and patience, and without partisanship, all the people of God committed to his care.  He is to preach and teach from the Scriptures so that the Doctrines of Faith are taught and preserved.  In dealing with people, he will strive for justice, wholeness and peace, and promote the unity and mission of the church.  He will also be a prayerful person seeking to honour God in all that is said and done. 

Telephone: 04 471 8597


Executive Assistant to the Bishop: Rebecca Apperley 

The Bishop's Executive Assistant maintains the Bishop's diary and manages the administration of the Bishop's office and ensures that all matters pertaining to that episcopal office are attended to in an efficient and timely way.

Telephone: 04 471 8597


Bishop's Chaplain for Parish Health and Development: Nigel Dixon

The Bishop's Chaplain for Parish Health and Development oversees the development of relational clusters to foster spiritual friendship, collaboration and effective mission in shared geographical areas.   He also oversees the new process of clergy reviews to encourage personal and ministerial development, and also the review of churches, via the cluster structure, to assist the development of healthy teams and churches. 

Telephone: 027 527 0117


Director of Ordinands:
Reverend Canon Simon Winn

The Director of Ordinands oversees our Diocesan ordination discernment process.  On the recommendation of their vicar, he meets with potential candidates for ordination and introduces them to the process, which culminates in an annual selection weekend for candidates and their spouses.  He works on behalf of the Bishop and reports to the Archdeacon for Mission and Ministry.  Working half a day a week in this role, Simon's full-time position is as Canon Precentor of the Cathedral of Wellington. He is assisted by a volunteer administrator.

Telephone: 04 472 0286

Diocesan Administration and Support Personnel


Diocesan Manager and Diocesan Trust Manager: Nick Young

The Diocesan Manager is responsible for the staffing and administration of the Anglican Centre, oversight of the Finance, Trust and Property Managers' portfolios.  The Diocesan Manager is responsible for the annual Diocesan Synod as well as providing support and guidance to committees, parishes, mission units and clergy in the Diocese.

The Trust Manager acts as Secretary to the Diocesan Board of Trustees and its Investment subcommittee, and of the Diocesan Audit Committee and is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees and administering trust money available for investment. The Trust Manager also handles enquiries on matters relating to any trust administered by the diocese.

Telephone: 04 471 8595




PA to Diocesan Manager: Karen Stewart

The Diocesan Manager's Personal Assistant maintains and manages the front office/reception at the Anglican Centre. This office provides secretarial support to the major committees of the Diocese, and prepares and publishes the information and reports that ensure the smooth and efficient running of Synod and the wider life of the Diocese.  She is also in charge of providing resources such as candles, wafers and books to parishes and mission units. 

Telephone: 04 472 1057  

Karen Stewart

Interim Finance Manager: Susanne Brantley BCA 

The Finance Manager is responsible to the Diocesan Manager for the administration of the finance department which is to maintain an accurate and up to date record of all financial transactions relating to the ongoing life and ministry of the diocese and its associated trust boards. The Finance Manager is also responsible for the payroll for all the clergy and other personnel in the diocese.

Telephone: (04) 471 8592

Payroll Officer: Paul Carey

The Payroll Officer ensures the payroll of the diocese is managed in a timely and efficient manner. As this is a part time role, all email queries will receive a reply stating when Paul is next in the office. 

Telephone: 04 472 1057 

Accounts Clerks: Carol Baxter and Elena Goff

The Accounts Clerks are responsible to the Finance Manager and have a vital role in maintaining accurate records of all financial transactions relating to the ongoing life and ministry of the diocese and its associated trust boards. 

Ms Carol Baxter -  Telephone:  (04) 471 8591
Mrs Elena Goff -  Telephone: (04) 471 8594

Diocesan Property Manager: Rob Moonlight

The Property Manager is responsible to the Diocesan Manager for property and insurance matters throughout the diocese.  He manages and supervises the maintenance, repair and insurance of diocesan properties and his office not only provides timely advice to all parishes and mission units in relation to building projects, but is also required to approve them before they are able to receive the appropriate diocesan consent or a faculty to proceed.

The Property Manager is also responsible for implementing the decisions of the Insurance Board.

Telephone:  (04) 471 8584



Diocesan Ministry Support Personnel

Archdeacon for Mission and Ministry: Archdeacon Gendy Thomson 


Telephone: 04 471 8596


Social Justice Enabler: Archdeacon Stephen King


Telephone:  027 210 0780


Northern Children and Family Diocesan Enabler: Colette Stevens 


Telephone:  04 471 8581

Children and Family Team Administrator: Natalie Moreno

The Diocesan Children and Family Team is passionate about making, growing and enabling disciples from birth onward, both within the family unit and beyond. We exist to resource and enable those ministering to children, parents and families on behalf of an Anglican parish or mission unit in the diocese.  Natalie keeps things running smoothly, managing the library, website and databases and responding to general enquires.  She is in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Telephone: Natalie Moreno (04) 471 8588


Diocesan Intermediate Ministry Coordinator: Chris Casey


Telephone: 04 471 8589 or 027 472 1057

Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator: Luke Paynter 

Supporting youth has always been a top priority in the Diocese.  The Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator's ministry is to enable young people in the Diocese to develop an environment where young people can develop a meaningful relationship with God and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.  To this end Luke seeks to create, build and develop sustainable ministry to young people throughout the Diocese.  One way this is done is by recruiting appropriate people as youth workers.  He also provides appropriate support, leadership development and training.

Telephone: 04 471 8585 or 022 158 1599


Diocesan Youth Enablers: Scott and Anna Reeve

The Diocesan Youth Enablers' role is to connect young adults into opportunities to live out their faith actively in their community. A regular weekly dinner and discussion is held with discussions involving cultural analysis and how it looks to embody the vision of God's Kingdom amidst this. In March 2014 The Mission Summit was launched, and this is an evening which draws together 18 to 25 year olds who are passionate about transforming their communities with the compassion of Christ. The Mission Summit is a bi-monthly event. 

Telephone: 027 249 2627



Wellington Institute of Theology Library

WIT Librarian: Reverend John McCaul                                 

John is known to many in the diocese through his past roles as Chaplain at Hutt Hospital, Bishop's Chaplain and Clerical Secretary at Synod.  He is also an Examining Chaplain and Priest Associate at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.  Prior to training for ordination John was a primary school teacher for some years – during which he ran a school library. He has a particular interest in New Zealand Church History and is a member of the Anglican Historical Society, and the Religious History Association of Aotearoa New Zealand.

John is also the Diocesan Archivist and can be contacted by Parishes or individuals for any enquiries regarding archives.  John does not have a regular set time that he is available in the WIT Library due to his commitments at Wellington Cathedral of St Paul.  However, you may contact him to arrange a time to meet.  All emails and telephone messages are cleared on a regular basis.

  04  471 8599


No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!