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Management Committee

Diocesan Councils, Boards and Committees

Following a decision of Synod in 1998 a new management structure for the Diocese was implemented whereby all Diocesan Councils, Boards and Committees had to report to either the Mission Council, the Ministry Group, or the Management Committee.

Management Committee

The Management Committee (formerly known as the Standing Committee) is responsible for the orderly management and administration of the affairs of the Diocese. 
To do this effectively and efficiently the Management Committee liaises closely with the Mission Council and the Ministry Group. It has also developed particular links with the
members of other Diocesan management groups viz. the members of the Diocesan Board of Trustees, Finance Committee, Administration Committee, Insurance Board,
Property Manager and Trust Manager.

The Management Committee also provides financial assistance when required, to parish and ministry units with special needs, it considers material and structural
changes, it advertises and fills vacancies on various boards and committees, and has a general supervisory role in the Diocese.  It reports annually to Synod.  At Synod in 2000
the Diocesan Mission, Ministry and Management Act established a smaller Management Committee comprising the Bishop, four clergy, and five laity.  The Committee is chaired by the Bishop, or the Bishop's nominee.


No reira waiho ko te aroha o Te Matua Kaha Rawa hei korowai mou.
May the love of Almighty God enfold you!